Living Streets

Transform sterile, urban environments into living, breathing spaces where communities come together.



Nature is a Powerful Development Tool

A connection to nature is imperative for human development. Full sensory engagement and the tranquility associated with a connection to our planet and environment is paramount.

A Collaborative Group of Forward-Looking Partners

Across Canada, with support from of our like-minded partners we’ve transformed barren urban spaces into green oasis’ of trees, boulders, logs, grass, and soil.

This Can be Accomplished Anywhere

Excuses are easy and all too often we waste our opportunity for meaningful community impact while “waiting” for the right time. We’re here to dispel the myth through proof-of-concept and our results.

Placemaking is More Than Singular Efficiencies

Urban environments tend to focus on optimizing a small group of factors, rather than approaching a space holistically and harnessing its potential to catalyze community and cultural growth.


Why not here and now?

Our cities are full of underutilized, denuded urban spaces carry the potential for meaningful community development. We look to bring nature to these environments to make a culturally significant impact.

Livening Communities

Sterile urban environments in our cities become interactive, lush, living parkscapes that offer their communities a place to thrive and the connection to nature that today’s urban environments so sorely lack.

Placemaking Opportunities

The program brings many placemaking opportunities, connecting all members of the community to an interactive green space that is absent. Promoting traffic calming, offering additional capacity and seating for residents and business patrons alike.

The Environment Thrives

Urban environments are often significantly warmer than their surroundings thanks to the heat island effect. Overland flow and a profound lack of fauna are a serious concern for local ecologies, migrations and pollinators. Many environmental issues associated with urban environments can be mitigated through the addition of more green space.

Living Streets – Cabbagetown Parkscape 2022 – Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

MASSIVE Maple Chair Feature – Cabbagetown Parkscape 2022 – Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

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